De petite amie


Educational Background

Time Detail
09/2017→06/2021 Computational Mathematics, Southern University of Science and Technology.


On Mathematical

Mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, complex analysis, numerical analysis, application of stochastic processes, introduction to big data.

As a TA in mathematical modeling (the second year of undergraduate).

On Coding

Be expert in Python, MATLAB, C/C++, Java, LaTeX.

Strong ability to learn and collect information, can learn and use skills in a short time.

On Language

CET4: 566, CET6: 509.

On Platform

Windows 10, Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro.

Extra-curricular Activities

  1. 04/2018--Present, Department of Mathematics, Student Assistant of Jingzhi Li

    • Using LaTeX to structure the layout and architecture of the modeling book(about 600 pages). Responsible for making and modifying various academic paper templates, also made SUSTech thesis template.
    • Using Ubuntu system build three servers in the mathematical department and deploy ShareLaTeX, Nginx and other services. Assist in inviting industry celebrities and arranging lectures.
  2. 09/2018--Present, Mathematical Modeling Association, President

    • Organize modeling training at a frequency of 1 time per week, and my own lectures account for more than 70%. Conduct pre-match training before the major modeling competitions by inviting teachers from South China Normal University. Invite Mathworks engineers to conduct MATLAB training seminar each semester. Moreover, the cumulative number of participants reached 1000+.
    • While following the previous Official Accounts, created the association blog to share the knowledge of mathematical modeling. Both of them published more than 30 original works in half a year.
  3. 08/2018--Present, Literary Society, Vice President

    • Create the community blog, sharing the internal practice. This blog published more than ten works in half a year.
  4. 02/2019--06/2019, Mathematical Modeling Course, Teaching Assistant

    • Teaching LaTeX, MATLAB, code optimization and architecture related knowledge, sharing learning route based on my own experience.
    • Using Git format to manage assignments and projects of the students, and set up a school site to store the notes and materials.
  5. 05/2019--05/2020, Provincial Innovation Project of the Mathematical Department, Project Manager

    • Research and develop the paper evaluation system based on the deep learning.

Honors and Awards

  1. 2018 Shenzhen Cup, qualified for the finals by using machine learning algorithm to analyze big data. (Top 10%)
  2. 2018 and 2019 MCM/ICM, won Successful Participants and Honorable Mentions. (Top 16%)
  3. 2018 and 2019 CUMCM, won the prize.
  4. 2018 SUSTech, won the third-class scholarship.


  1. Passionate About Programming
    • Java course Q&A reservation system project gets extra points.
    • Using Python to produce a variety of tools (automatic Q&A robots, crawlers, etc.) to improve work and development efficiency.
    • Created Java and MATLAB QQ groups, serve as LaTeX group administrators. Mainly engaged in answering questions, sharing useful articles, and organizing the corresponding MATLAB and LaTeX resources. Cumulative Q&A 1000+.
    • Using LaTeX to structure notes of numerical analysis, ODE and PDE, sharing and iterating knowledge through open source means.
    • Contribute Python modules to PyPi, including macro-parser, SUSTech, participate in open source projects actively.
    • Contribute documentations to Read the Docs, including TeX and R.
  2. Deep Learning
    • Try using PyTorch to complete the provincial innovation project of the mathematical department, currently working on it.